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Lama Norbu, a teacher and public figure within the yoga and Buddhist community has been found liable by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge for sexual assault and battery committed upon a volunteer who became a victim of his attack for sexual assault.

With any public figure and anyone in a position of authority, the public must be informed.


In November 2015, Lama Norbu, defendant and former Tibetan Lama, was ordered to pay Plaintiff Emilia Wang $25,035 in general damages after being found guilty of sexual assault (Wang vs. Norbu; Case No.: BC517398; Superior Court of California , County of Los Angeles, Central District).

In light of the defendant’s filed notice of appeal on Friday, February 12, Wang continues to applaud the court’s decision.

Wang’s complaint against Norbu alleged battery, assault, sexual assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

According to court documents, Norbu, also known as Mr. Ven. Nurbu Lama, other times known as Longbu, is a former Tibetan Lama who taught classes for the New Century Foundation. Wang volunteered at the NCF during the time Norbu taught there.

On October 2, 2011, Wang, as part of her volunteer duties, was asked to pick up Norbu and drive him to a seminar location and back to the house where he was staying. During the return trip, Wang alleges Norbu made unwanted advances, going so far as to put his hand on her thigh, pinching it hard enough to leave a bruise. Her complaint further alleges that Norbu “commanded” Wang to carry grocery bags into his home upon their return, at which point he attempted to assault her.

The matter was tried in court on October 5, 6 and 7, 2015, and court documents state that the plaintiff’s testimony was found credible regarding the emotional trauma she suffered, continuing through to the present. Norbu was ultimately found guilty of assault, battery, sexual assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The plaintiff’s counsel made no request for future damages beyond the requested $25,000 in general damages.

Update 10/1/2018

Lama Norbu appealed the judgement.   On 6/19/18 the appeal was denied. The original judgment still stands and the award of $ 25,000 was deemed reasonable by a three judge panel of the appellate court.

For anyone reading this in the fall of 2018, three things in particular should be noted:

 – Emilia Wang brought this action in 2013, long before #MeToo arose as a popular movement encouraging women to speak out against sexual abuses by men in power.

– Her courageous act had as an expressed purpose to give other women the courage to speak out, and to prevent other women from            falling prey to the same fate as she did.

– She did so with full awareness that there would be both an emotional cost and a considerable financial cost to bring this matter to light.

As of this writing, Lama Norbu has not paid the $ 25,000 awarded by the court.  


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